Samsung’s Galaxy J-7 Review

Samsung's Galaxy J-7 Review

Samsung’s Galaxy J-7 has made its recurrence to get 2019 as average versions for a variety of both GSM and CDMA carriers exist. This feature made it more acceptable and user friendly to the consumers.

As this mid-range may be obtained for as low as $230 to Boost Mobile, using yet another $50 account credit for brand new clients.

Carriers like Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T often stick around the 280 price point, however.

Since you might already understand the $200 – $300 price point stuffed with various competitions with great appeals and pitfalls.

Samsung's Galaxy J-7 Review
Samsung’s Galaxy J-7 Review

A year ago’s Galaxy J-7 failed to exactly”wow” us with its psychedelic camera functionality, old looks, along with bare-minimum specs. Thus, what’s Samsung done otherwise to curry our favor this past year? Any Such Thing?

From the box:

Samsung-galaxy J-7 (2019)
Micro USB Charging Cable
Wall adapter

Samsung’s Galaxy J-7 Design

Maybe Not off to an Excellent beginning.

The Samsung-galaxy J-7 isn’t probably the very eye-popping apparatus. Its large bezels and thick vinyl structure give away it immediately being a lower-tier smartphone.

The black vinyl in the surface, while abundant, are shiny, which can help it a look. Below the screen, you possess your multitasking and rear soft-keys — that in turn are not invisible and being put into rearranged places when compared with non-Samsung tablets, result in some errant presses onto the wrong button.

The mechanical dwelling button at the center that lacks a fingerprint detector features a muted and profound click for this, whereas the quantity and power buttons on either side additionally click loudly but mercifully possess marginally less traveling.

Samsung’s Galaxy J-7 Screen

720p resolution moves pixels broad. However, it’s significantly more than usable.

Rocking a 5.5-inch LCD HD (1280 x 720 px) display, the 2018 Galaxy J-7 does not improve at all upon the 20 17 J-7’s display, utilizing the exact precise screen specs and technology. As luck would have it, this screen does quite an excellent job with detail despite its low resolution.

Colors are vibrant and bright too but are afflicted with a bluish tint, that’s simpler to see in a few colors over the others, but overall isn’t overly noticeable in everyday use.

Minimum and optimum brightness measures of 5 and also 580 nits, respectively, so make sure the Galaxy J-7 will be simple to see and quick to correctly accommodate in virtually any light situation, thanks partly to the improvement of a nearby light detector — a feature which has been overlooking its predecessor.

Samsung’s Galaxy J-7 View All Interface and Functionality

We are enjoying the Samsung Experience, and Bixby House Is an excellent Google Feed replacement.

The 2019 Galaxy J-7 comes packed with Android Oreo 8.0 under the Samsung Experience. What’s the adventure nowadays, you ask? Decent.

Even as we’ve noticed in the latest iterations, the UX has refined into the highest point of effectiveness and efficacy.

We love little bits such as the scroll-to-top shortcut, and the settings hunt broadcasts in addition to more spoke about features such as the Knox-powered Secure Folder along with Bixby Home.

Even the Secure Folder’s utility does not begin and end together with files, but also lets users create replicate programs within therefore the programs and information within can only be obtained by people with the appropriate authentication to go into the secure folder — quite a neat solution to security.

Bixby Home could be your newsfeed-styled page you discover once you scroll into your left most page by the home screen.

Just like Google’s feed, Bixby Home offer you hints to restaurants that are nearby, weather, musical tips, sports scores, and your calendar, emails and much more — which is not difficult to browse and socialize with and being mostly customizable.

The feed may use somewhat more news. However, some might prefer a news-focused alternate. We mightn’t necessarily state it’s far better than the stock feed Google offers. However, it ends up being a replacement.

Samsung’s Galaxy J-7  Processor, memory, and Performance

16-GB onboard storage is significant, and also performance can appear a step behind.

Built with the mid-sized Exynos 7870 SoC, two gigs of RAM, and also a little 16-GB storage (thankfully expandable via micro-sd ), the Galaxy J-7 2018 isn’t planning to blow off some benchmarks from their water.

It can nevertheless offer a comparatively smooth and prompt interface whereby you may reach your daily activities.

There exists a noticeable pause when starting multitasking via the dedicated soft-key or even when launch programs and extreme gambling is going to be soon considered a stuttery, frame-dropping event, however in all; you can genuinely have reasonably competent daily motorist at the 2019 Galaxy J-7.


Samsung-galaxy J-7 (2018)59490
Samsung-galaxy A663172
Motorola Moto G670490
LG Stylo 444393


Samsung-galaxy J-7 (2018)16.9
Samsung-galaxy A620.782
Motorola Moto G622.512
LG Stylo 414.709
GFXBench Car-chase onscreen


Samsung-galaxy J-7 (2018)4.2
Samsung-galaxy A-64
Motorola Moto G63.2
LG Stylo 42.2
GFXBench Manhattan 3.1 onscreen


Samsung-galaxy J-7 (2018)699
Samsung-galaxy A6724
Motorola Moto G6750
LG Stylo 4519
Geekbench 4 Multi Core

Samsung’s performing at smallest amount of within this category.

In conditions of one’s connectivity alternatives, the J-7 is pretty limited. Single-band Wireless Fidelity and blue tooth 4.2 meet up with the minimum requirements; you won’t come across some additional goodies such as NFC, and sometimes possibly an excellent hint such as fast-charging. As you may have already figured, USB C contains within this upper-entry-level gadget.

Samsung’s Galaxy J-7 Camera

Neutral color precision, inconsistent detail catch.

The J-7 has one 1-3 MP detector at the front and also the same one from the trunk for shooting selfies and photos, respectively.

No phase-detection auto focus or elaborate materials is going to be discovered, but instead one light emitting diode flash.

While those hardware components are all steps upward from the 8 MP back detector and 5-mp selfie camera of this 20 17 J-7, the applications on the 2019 version take a step down removing HDR, expert manner, and also any additional camera modes another auto. Just how does this bode for operation?

Well, picture quality in the Galaxy J-7 is a Small mixed bag. Often instances, we finished up getting fuzzy photos, in well-lit situations, even while over-exposure was shown to be quite an ordinary matter.

Once photos came out well, however, details had been quite plainly represented, as well as generally color precision was usually within a decent selection.

In line with its maladies invulnerability, lively sceneries frequently arrived on the scene riddled with hotshots, obscuring details and sometimes even entire objects from the backdrop.

Pictures recorded in lower-light cases not merely displayed a blue hue, but additionally a pretty challenging time using focusing and catching detail.

Selfies reveal similar traits — a few difficulties with over-exposure with generally superior detail and color catch — however with much less occurrence of blurriness compared to first detector.


Telephone Excellent
All great, however, the speakerphone is tinny and strangely placed.

Calls seem decent on the Galaxy J-7 for the caller and recipient. The speakerphone is loud too but sounds somewhat tinny.

It’s odd positioning — above the button at the ideal side also could have you unintentionally covering it if grasping the telephone in various means.

Samsung’s Galaxy J-7 Battery Life

a premier performer in a minimum of one respect.

The 2019 Galaxy J-7 uses its 3,300 mAh battery quite economically, while the 20 17 models failed.

Clocking exactly 1-3 hours at our customized battery drain test, the 2018 J-7 includes of a half an hour within the 20 17 version’s outcome and readily continues pretty deep into another evening of usage before begging to get its charger.

If it can have to juice it’ll take the time, though — two hrs and 18 minutes to be accurate.


Samsung-galaxy J-7 (2018)13 h 25 minutes (Exemplary )
Samsung-galaxy A 68 h 1 9 minutes (Exemplary )
Motorola Moto G68h 25 minute (Exemplary )
LG Stylo 49h 3 2 minutes (Exemplary )
Charging time (minutes)


Samsung-galaxy J-7 (2018)138
Samsung-galaxy A6131
LG Stylo 488

Samsung’s Galaxy J-7 View All Decision

From the distant ago, a sub-$300 smart-phone did not have much to live up. However, that is not even close to the case today, and regrettably, Samsung’s still surviving in yesteryear having its J-series mobiles.

Doing this bare-minimum to have a phone in this budget merely, Samsung appears to possess attempted to inject some life to a phone that scarcely keeps its head above water by merely increasing your camera specs.

Much to the dismay, though that did not quite pan perfectly. As the J-7 does possess exceptional battery life, an adequate monitor, and Samsung’s exceptional Android Expertise, it only does not do such a thing better than many of its competitors, save battery lifetime.

Not forgetting that there are a ton of Motorola mobiles (G, E, and X series) and a good Nokia or 2 that arguably seem, have more features, function better in critical places, also cost the same or less compared to the 2018 Galaxy J-7.


camera functionality, when functioning optimally, is enhanced over its predecessor
Longlasting battery
Bright, usable screen
The Samsung Experience and Bixby Home-work well


Inconsistent camera functionality
Navigating the telephone seems a measure to
16-GB storage = just 5 usable gigs
Slow and obsolete Micro USB charging

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